Two Weeks Ready – Helping you Prepare for Disaster

Wednesday, January 13, 2021


From the team at Washington State Emergency Management Division


Disasters ranging from earthquakes to global pandemics can strike when you least expect them to. It is crucially important to both prepare yourself and your family before a disaster and know how to protect yourself and your family during one. To help preparedness be simple and easy, our team is developing a brand new app, called 2 Weeks Ready, to help you and your family prepare before a disaster strikes and remember what to do during a disaster. 


The 2 Weeks Ready app will be the first app of its kind to provide a hands on and interactive disaster preparedness experience. Users will be able to create and share their family disaster plans together and securely with anyone they choose. The 2 Weeks Ready app also includes an emergency kit calculator to help determine exactly how many supplies are needed to reach the goal of being “2 weeks ready.”  With learning how much toilet paper your family needs for two weeks, receiving reminders to update your family plan, and establishing an out-of-area contact, the 2 Weeks Ready app is ready to help through every step of your preparedness journey.  


Join us in developing the 2 Weeks Ready app as a resilient user interface that helps its users survive and thrive through disasters to come.