Come together, Build tools, Help the world!

A massive storm floods Manhattan - and people need to find shelter quickly.

Drought hits the Horn of Africa - and smart delivery of food supplies saves lives.

An earthquake rocks Mumbai - and first responders need to know where to go minute by minute.

Responding to disasters like these means boots on the ground—but we can help responders do more with less when we see them as coding challenges. Do you want to use your skills to do some good and learn along the way? Together a few sharp minds can save lives and make a real difference.

That's the mission of the Humanitarian Toolbox. We connect people like you with organizations in need of your expertise. You can build the next generation of life-saving tools and refine them to meet new needs as they arise.  We maintain and deploy this ‘toolbox’ of solutions quickly to get them in the hands of those making a difference. Everything we build is open-source and part of an open ecosystem so the tools can be adapted, integrated and deployed to particular situations as they evolve.

Please join us - regardless of your experience in open source or whether you are or want to be a coder, tester, designer, or something else - your skills can save lives!

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