Thanks to everyone at the Grace Hopper Open Source Day

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


We want to recognize and thank the attendees of the Grace Hopper Open Source Day who supported our project this last Saturday for the awe inspiring amount of focus and dedication they gave to building out mobile clients for our Crisis Checkin solution.

As David Washington summarizes in his blog post, the attendees built common data model specs, user scenario documents and starter apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.  3 apps in 6 hours!

The team far exceeded our expectations and we look forward to how these will be carried forward and in the future deployed for use by response organizations in the field.  You can see the results yourself (as well as contribute if you like) at the project repository on github -


Thanks again to those who were part of Grace Hopper Open Source day and to David Washington for representing the Humanitarian Toolbox at the event!