TechWell Supporting Humanitarian Toolbox

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Everyone at Humanitarian Toolbox (HTBox) is grateful to TechWell Conferences for their generous support. We've written before that they have helped test our code by holding a two-day Test-a-thon during their conferences for testing and quality assurance professionals.

In 2015, they will continue to support HTBox by holding Test-a-thons at both STAREAST in Orlando and STARWEST in Anaheim. The work performed at these events greatly increases the quality of the software we produce and ultimately will help the users of our software.

TechWell recently increased their support to HTBox by donating $50 of each conference registration they received during the month of December 2014—$2,000 in total. It's been a fantastic show of support from an organization that is already donating time and space during their learning events. Most importantly, this will aid in our 2015 disaster relief efforts.

We couldn't be happier for TechWell’s support and we hope to see you at one of their upcoming testing events this year.