New website live at

Sunday, September 1, 2013


We're live with our new website today at rebuilt on a new platform with a new visual design and support for mobile access.

Started at the hackathon at That Conference, the new website is built upon N2CMS, an ASP.Net MVC based content management system, that allows us to keep the content up to date and build new features with less development effort.  Some of the upcoming new features for the website including listings for projects, contributors and response organization requests as well as a full featured blog with rss feeds and syndication of blogs from project leads onto our website.

We've moved to the new address at which we will use for all links and materials going forward as was always a spelling challenge - even for those of us who typed it a lot!

Just like the projects in the toolbox, our website is being developed openly and the source can be found at  If you see something that isn't working or have ideas for new features please add an issue to the repository and we will prioritize it for development - or of course you could help us build it if you like as well!