Humanitarian Toolbox and ThatConference 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015


With the wrap-up of ThatConference 2015, Humanitarian Toolbox is pleased to announce that the collaboration codeathon between ThatConference and Humanitarian Toolbox has been an overwhelming success in the development of applications for the Red Cross and National Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD).

Over the weekend preceding ThatConference, 22 attendees volunteered their time to help build software for two Humanitarian Toolbox apps: AllReady and Crisis Check-in.

AllReady, an app that connects volunteers certified to install smoke detectors with homes that require smoke detector installation, was initially developed by Microsoft at the Visual Studio 2015 launch event. At ThatConference 2015, development on AllReady continued with the support of our Red Cross subject matter expert, Jim McGowan, who assisted in providing advice on the features that would be useful for app users.

Crisis Checkin, a “first responder’s phone book” was developed to make it easier for coordinators and leaders at disaster sites to manage and deploy people to more effectively provide relief to those affected. We’re currently enhancing the application to enable organizations to check in physical resources, like blankets, bucket trucks, potable water and so on. Crisis Checkin’s development at ThatConference 2015 was supported by our NVOAD representative, James McGowen, who also helped in refining application requirements and offered advice on useful features and options for their staff and volunteers.

The productivity of the ThatConference codeathon on the development of these apps can be seen from their results. After an intensive two day codeathon, our team of volunteers implement 11 features across both Crisis Checkin and AllReady. Along with this, there were over 100 commits to implement those features.  We had four accepted open pull requests that volunteers were carrying forward and will represent in new features shortly.

This is the third year that Humanitarian Toolbox has hosted this codeathon as a collaboration with ThatConference, and it’s always been a productive event. We would like to thank the principal organizers, Clark Sell along with Keith Burnell for their hard work in the organization and planning of this event. We would also like to thank all the volunteers and their hard work in turning this event into such a success.

Bill Wagner, Humanitarian Toolbox President, on the event:
“We’re thrilled with the support and generosity of the community of developers at ThatConference. They have consistently turned out to help us build software for Humanitarian Toolbox. More lives are saved because of their dedication, hard work, and professional skills.”

Thank you! 

Your HTBox Team